Raj Ganesan

Raj Ganesan

Chief Operating Officer
  • 630 Freedom Busines Center Drive, King of rPrussia, PA 19406

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  • rajganesan@thebusinesslabs.com

  • https://www.uscameroonchamber.org

About Raj

Senior executive experienced in U.S and international markets with a proven track-record of driving short- & long-term investment objectives. Possess a propensity for execution to achieve intended corporate results. Rich blend of organic growth (strategic management, direct marketing, turnaround), external growth (mergers, acquisition, JV) through Private Equity, Private Placements and Investment Management. Top 5% revenue producers exceeding multi-million dollar targets consistently, managed 800 people organization, sold & delivered projects in 12 countries. Clients include 47 of the Fortune 500 companies, including two Fortune 10 companies. He is focused on transforming businesses and helping companies grow.

His selected North American clients include Google, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, United Health, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, EMC, Hyperion, Bank One, T Rowe Price, Bankers Trust, Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Dupont, Merck, Astra Zeneca, ICI, Novell, Cisco, Verizon, and PECO. His global clients include Singapore Airlines, Beijing Industries, Seven Seas Shipping, Etisalat, Emirates Airlines, Ingram Micro ME, Telstra Australia, Brazilian telecom, several Universities and endowments in US.

Raj is also a co-author of the “Accelerating Business Growth in Emerging Economies framework”, a strategy centered around capacity building through entrepreneurship programs, business enablement and bilateral trade growth. The framework is geared toward governments of emerging economies to help them build the necessary capacities to create jobs, compete in the global economy and attract foreign investors.