Dwight McLeod

Dwight McLeod

VP, Outreach and Member Engagement
  • 4548 Market Street, Philadelphia

  • 215.817.9887

  • http://acbcphilly.com

About Dwight

McLeod is the Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Strategy Group (CSG) that he founded in 1998.  The firm provides business consulting services to private and public companies.  McLeod has a clear understanding of the issues businesses face in today’s challenging economic environment. This experience combined with his strong interpersonal and communication skills make him a valuable asset to your team.

CGS’ mission is to provide continuous business improvement and quality assurance consulting services to its clients.  The firm applies its expertise to small businesses and public sector clients to assist them analyze business processes and relevant data to better understand business outcomes, with the goal of improving business operations.

The firm competitively differentiates itself from other consulting firms in its strong understanding and experience in technology applications to increase efficiency.  The firm provides to its clients the following services:  business management and technology consulting services, information technology resource staffing and product offerings through partnerships with leading solution providers.

McLeod has been a successful business owner, and he has honed expert sales and marketing skills through a diverse career that has included purchasing, sales and information technology solutions. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and education agencies such as Verizon, AT&T, Northern Telecom, TII Industries, St. Johns, Arizona State and Annapolis to negotiate product, solutions, provide technical solutions and sales and develop advanced training for purchasing professionals.  Also, he has been a past member of the Board of Directors at SBAY (Strategic Business Alliance of Yonkers) where he also was involved in Real Estate Development. He is an active member of the Yonkers and Mount Vernon Chambers of Commerce.