At UCCC, we work with strategic partners to bring business opportunities to our members and facilitate trade and investments.


The Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMA) is a consultative organ representing the business community in the areas of trade, industry, mines and crafts. Created in 1921 with headquarter in Douala (Cameroon), its main missions is to act as a link between the business community and public authorities in the areas of consultation and representation especially the economy.

Citizen Diplomacy International connects the international community and the people of Philadelphia. We showcase the best of our region through international business, educational and cultural exchanges. We promote mutual respect and understanding. We strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment that encourages open discussion and fosters mutual understanding.


The African & Caribbean Business Council (ACBC) is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation headquartered in Philadelphia. ACBC  promotes & preserves the business interests of African and Caribbean entrepreneurs in the Greater Philadelphia area while bridging the cultural divide between member countries and the larger community through education and the encouragement of mutual tolerance.