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admin March 9, 2017

2014 Budget bill sent to the parliament

The budget bill was sent to the parliament. For 2014, the government is proposing a $6.6 billion budget. The increase represents about $152 Millions in absolute terms and 2.3% in relative value. The bill was introduced during the recent plenary session at the palace of glass in Ngoa – Ekellé. The introduction of the bill was preceded by the work of the Conference of Presidents who ruled it admissible. For them, the above mentioned increase ” is only apparent”. For the government, ” it will mostly be absorbed by additional spending of $300 Millions (to take care of the last contingent of 25,000 new hire through the recent youth recruitment initiative, about 7,000 civil servants graduating from government schools, remuneration of traditional leaders and accounting for cost related to the newly created Senate).


This initial budget draft represents a slight increase compared to the current budget ($6.6 billion for 2014 against $6.5 billion in 2013).

An hour after the National Assembly went through the bill, the Senate followed suit in a plenary session and reviewed the 2014 budget bill. For the first time in the history of Cameroon, the budget bill will be adopted by a bicameral legislature. This is a great milestone since the election of the Senate few months ago and its establishment by the Constitution of 1996.

November 2013 | Cameroon Tribune | Le Quotidien Economique

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