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Unleashing the energy potential
admin March 9, 2017

Road and energy: Development potential

With a total of 51 300 km of roads throughout the country, only 5,000 km are paved. Compared to other countries in central Africa, Cameroon has the lowest density of roads with 2.6 km of roads for 1 000 inhabitants.


Cameroon has a huge development opportunity for energy power supply!

Besides the roads, Cameroon also a huge development opportunity for energy power supply. In fact, with the second hydro -electric potential in Africa after the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon could produce 20,000 megawatts ( MW ) or more than 115 billion kWh , if these resources were developed.

While many investments are being made in this area to increase power production to 3,000 MW by 2020 the country is currently considering ways to improve coordination of their actions around general infrastructure development including transport, energy , urban development, water and sanitation, telecommunications to accelerate its growth. This is the goal of the workshop that took place Wednesday in Yaounde at the initiative of the

Ministry of Economy , Planning and Regional Planning [Ministry of Planning and Economic Development].