the African and Caribbean Business Council of the greater Philadelphia (ACBC)

Appointments: Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the President shall designate such standing committees and appoint chairpersons of such committees. The following Committees are currently recognized;

  • Membership Committee
  • Economic Empowerment Committee
  • International Business Development Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Project Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Credit Union Committee

Tenure: Committees shall serve only for the specific term for which the President is elected and until their successors are appointed; or for such term as the Board shall determine. Duties: The duties of the Committees, and the rules and regulations governing their operations, are prescribed by the Board of Directors. Some of the duties of the Committees are as follows;

Membership Committee:

  • Promotion of ACBC agenda
  • Works closely with the Programs Committee in the coordination and promotion of all ACBC programs
    • Be responsible to implement all ACBC programs including assisting with fundraising for each program

International Business Development Committee:

  • Develop programs for Trade missions, Trade shows and workshops.
  • Assist Program Chair in organizing Award Dinner
  • Recruit international and local partners
  • Plan and organize Trade and Investment forums

Economic Empowerment Committee:

  • Identifies and develop strategies for raising funds for the organization
  • Prepare letters and proposals
  • Sends and manages fundraising letters
  • Be the nerve center for economic development agenda for ACBC and the central organ for fundraising

Credit Union Committee:

  • Responsible for establishing the Credit Union
  • Develop and implement the proposed ACBC federal credit union.
  • Develop the proposed federal credit union’s business plan.
  • Plan and direct the conducting, receipt and analysis of petitions signatures, potential interest member survey and commitment letters needed to develop and prepare the proposed federal credit union’s pro forma financial statements.
  • Direct the preparation of the proposed federal credit union’s pro forma financial statements.
  • Prepare and submit all relevant National Credit Union Association (NCUA) forms for the proposed federal credit union’s application and charter.
  • Serve as the primary contact with NCUA on the proposed federal credit union’s application and charter.
  • Direct the administration and operation of the credit union upon charter.

Project Committee:

  • Responsible for managing all construction, energy, environmental, social and educational projects within ACBC.
  • Write project proposals that will attract these projects for the benefit of ACBC and its members
  • Liaison and partnership with other organizations
  • Coordinate ACBC Peer Group

Programs Committee:

  • Be responsible for planning and organizing all ACBC Programs
  • Recommendation of annual ACBC Programs
  • Prepares budgets for all programs
  • Works closely with Marketing Committee to coordinate all ACBC programs
  • Serve as advisor to Marketing Committee
  • Provides input with respect to:
  • ACBC communication material
  • ACBC marketing material, flayers, banners, posters, brochures, press releases
  • Work closely with first Vice president to develop ACBC Caribbean strategy


ACBC Membership Levels and Benfits...


Individual Membership:

All professionals of African and Caribbean…..descent residing in the Greater Philadelphia area shall be eligible for Individual Membership

Associate Membership:

Any professional or business owner dedicated to ACBC’s mission that is NOT of African or Caribbean descent may join ACBC as an associate member. Associate members have the right to participate fully in the affairs of the council and to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors if nominated and elected by the members.

Non-profit Organization:

All non-profit, non-political, cultural, social, health, educational, professional, and other interest-group institutions shall register as non-profit (irrespective of nationality of ownership). Any non-profit Member may appoint an individual who is authorized to represent the non-profit Member during elections.

Small Business Membership:

All small businesses owned or operated by people of African or Caribbean descent located in Greater Philadelphia shall be eligible to register as a small business member. Any corporate member may appoint an individual to represent the Corporate Member during elections.

Corporate Membership:

All corporations located in Greater Philadelphia and dedicated to ACBC’s mission irrespective of ownership may join ACBC as a corporate member. All Corporate Members may appoint an individual to represent the Corporation during elections.


Your Membership Includes:

  • Technical assistance and workshops
  • Business development & training programs
  • Opportunity to participate in high level business forums, trade missions, expos and seminars
  • Listing in yearly membership directory
  • Access to national and international business contacts and information
  • Opportunity to participate in networking, public relations events and other business promotional activities

Corporate members receive tickets and guaranteed seating at all ACBC events for employee of the corporation during a given calendar year. The logos of these entities are also included on all ACBC programs and promotional items throughout the year.

Non-Member: $10 per meeting.

Please Check One Membership Level