About Us

The USA Cameroon Chamber of Commerce (UCCC) promotes business relationship and trade between Cameroonians enterprises and US businesses. UCCC plays a vital and active role in assisting US companies and Cameroonian companies to expand their business across both sides of the ocean. While assisting its members on specific issues of their concerns. The chamber also keeps members informed on business-economic trends, business opportunities and social opportunities that impact both countries.

Why Join Us

UCCC features networking events, special interest roundtables, educational programs, trade missions and business conferences with Cameroon companies and business delegations. UCCC creates a community of professionals that produces tangible results for businesses in the US and Cameroon. Our activities include:


  • Promote and facilitate better business relations between the US and Cameroon.
  • Provide essential information about doing business in both countries.
  • Facilitate contact and providing network platforms for business leaders in those countries.
  • Provide opportunities for trade and investment.
  • Connect companies in Cameroon and U.S.A.
  • Provide members and the general public with information that is current and important in making critical business decisions.
  • Identify meaningful regional economy changes, develop business insights using a wealth of information collected from business executives and professionals who have the first hand expertise to address them. Need to shorten this sentence.
  • Represent the mutual interests of members and takes action to further their interests.
  • Promote good corporate citizenship to benefit the communities in which members do business.
  • Provides business referrals, business listings and valuable trade information to member
  • Present both countries as advantageous places to do business and lobby with Federal, State and Regional administrative leaders and councils.

Contact us for more information about business opportunities in Cameroon.